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How the Mexican hammocks found their way to Europe
"When I was an exchange student in Mexico for a year, I would spend a night in a hammock. I thought, "It never goes well", but it was simply so delicious that I decided that at one point I had to sell hammocks in Denmark. As said so, over 15 years ago I started importing hammocks from Mexico to live my old dream. The hammocks, which are being sold throughout Europe, are woven in small villages near the million city of Merida.

I spend a lot of time. It means a lot to the families that I come to visit. For them, it makes a huge difference in the economy to weave a hammock - For example. Have a family got tiles on the floor for the money they have earned. For others, they have been able to go to school for a year or families can get money for cement floors in their homes. There are no intermediaries between the families weaving hammocks and until I sell them in Denmark. I have built a good network. Where trust is an important part of the cooperation that collects hammocks in the villages where they are woven and then they check the hammocks before they are shipped to Europe. A collaboration that I have built over several years. The individual families do not have to spend money on wire m. .. It happens that when they finish weaving a hammock, they get payment for their work and thread to weave a new hammock.

I am selling Mexican hammocks, purchased from just these Mexican families on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. I know many of the families who weave the sought after hammocks of fine cotton thread. The hammocks are smoothly hand-woven without knots giving the very comfortable comfort. When we, as Europeans, have tried to lay in just one of these Mexican hammocks, we realize that there is a huge difference between hammocks.

We are looking for quality and comfort. The hammocks are available in natural white, two-color and color combinations. They are all uniquely hand-woven, so there are almost no 2 very similar hammocks.
Today, all the Mexican hammocks are manufactured according to FairTrade principles and approved by BBB, Better Business in the United States.
The Mexican hammock
The Mexican hammocks in the net were the first type of hammocks I started selling in 1998. The hammock has the perfect size for a person as soon as it is possible to lay both crosswise, longitudinally and diagonally. A type of hammock that is actually really good for sleeping in and for general relaxation. There can also be room for up to 4  people in the hammock if it is finally to be, the hammock adapts to those in the hammock, generally the unique of this type of hammock in the net (spun weave-woven technique). This type of hammock made the whole foundation of the business when I started in 1998 as a mail order company. In the following years 3 independent teams were built up in Mexico. 2 of these teams also today manufacture this type of hammock in the net. Production takes place by providing my contact persons in the team with the purchase of materials (thread). Which is then handed to handwaves in various maya villages on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The weaver receives payment for his work (weaving) when the hammock is woven. At the same time as new material (thread) is handed out to weave a new hammock. There are appointments that every Monday, my contact person will come to it and the village where the hammocks are finished are paid for and new material is handed over. Other villages are agreements that, for example, is every Thursday etc. The finished hammocks gather somewhere for extra quality control and packing. Which is then sent to Europe. A reasonably demanding logistics work.

The Brazilian fabric hammock!
Brazilian HengekøjeStof hammocks from Brazil were the first hammocks in fabric that I designed and painted in Brazil in 2007. It was the start of a new era of growth in fabric hammocks. Design of strong colors from both Mexico and Guatemala was the source of inspiration from previous trips in Latin America. Until today, these designs have been the most selling. The fabric in a hammock is made on machines, while everything with worn and woven fabrics is made by hand in private homes and on sewing machines in production hall while the completion is at a factory. Here I have ample opportunity to review the quality and manufacturing process. Until today, I have designed 80 per cent of all hammocks on my webshops, for example. I have been responsible for purchasing, photo shootings and subsequent sales work through webshops and exhibitions. Nearest all joints from start to finish.

Hammocks from Nicaragua
In 2004, I also set up a team in Nicaragua, working according to the same principles as Mexico, with hammock chairs and a more extensive decorative hammock. For each and every person in Nicaragua, it means much that can be a part of hammock manufacture that helps to make a reasonable income for many families. There is a lot of fine workmanship in the hammocks from Nicarauga.
Today, hammocks are sent daily to Norway and hammocks to Sweden.

These were the words from hammock specialist Kaj Ellegaard

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